David White


I worked for a Cambridge-based consultant which grew ten-fold in just three years before the recession hit in 1990. The company was over-structured and didn’t have the financial resilience to ride out the storm, so it down-sized and then folded. I had bills to pay and started writing O&M manuals for contractors and Legionnaire’s surveys at Addenbrookes Hospital before starting SVM BSD in November 1991.

I’ve loved almost every day of it – winning work, receiving payment, solving problems, interacting with the wonderful people around me and even the drive home. Expanding in what is a very difficult industry through some very challenging economic periods has been a real achievement. Specifically, it was wonderful to get onto The Sunday Times list of the best companies to work for, as was achieving Investors in People status and being told by people outside and inside what a great company SVM BSD is (most of the time!).

Looking ahead, I want SVM BSD to be best in class and the M&E consultant of choice. Then I’ll be able to relax at the end of a working week and enjoy my favourite activities, which include walking, cycling, beaches, Norfolk, Morrissey, football, Ska (music), trains, planes, shops, restaurants and pubs.