Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM – or Building Information Modelling – has revolutionised building design and we’ve been quick to invest in the appropriate skills and technology to make sure our clients gain maximum advantage.

We have an excellent reputation for delivering complex BIM projects – meeting BIM Level 2 requirements with ease. As the industry moves towards Level 3, we’re committed to building on our leadership, ensuring that our clients benefit from the very best service and support.

Sustainability and Building Performance

Sustainability is a fast-growing and increasingly important aspect of our work. We draw on the latest energy efficiency techniques and innovations to create buildings that are economic to build, provide excellent value to occupy and support the good health and comfort of our clients’ people. We offer capabilities that include:-

  • Energy statements and planning advice
  • Alternative energy or LZC feasibility studies
  • Part L compliance and Energy performance certification

Thermal Analysis and Building Physics

Thermal Analysis and Building Physics help us gain a fundamental understanding of the physics within the built environment as well as the complex interactions between the climate, architectural form, the building envelope and building services. At SVM BSD, we have the skills and the latest tools to model and analyse how a building works.

In particular, we focus on:





Soft Landings

We fully embrace the principles behind Soft Landings, the BSRIA-led process designed to assist the construction industry and its clients deliver better buildings. Soft Landings helps ensure that a building performs to its full potential from Day One. Our project engineers remain engaged and on-hand through the hand-over and into the crucial early period of occupation. By working closely with the contractor, we make sure that snagging is carried out quickly and effectively – this is an important task and clients rightly expect it to be carried out once and once only. We also make sure that the client understands exactly how the building works.

Planning Guidance Statements

We work closely with our clients and create guidance statements which help them navigate through the complexities of the planning process. With legislation and regulations on carbon emissions varying from planning authority to planning authority, our knowledge saves time, reduces errors and helps ensure a positive outcome. We advise the client about how the regulations impact on the design and make sure that the right approach to CO² emissions is embedded in the design right from the first conversation.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are an essential service we provide for our clients who wish to develop a project or alter and existing installation. We can produce a detailed feasibility study providing a comprehensive review of the required works associated with the building services. This provides information such as equipment life expectancy, recommendations for longevity and efficiency including estimated replacement costs.


Our professionals are able to carry out a range of surveys to the highest standards, helping clients gain a deep understanding of a building, including any issues that may affect future performance or
value. These include:

  • Condition surveys
  • Pre-acquisition surveys
  • Asset data capture

How we can help you – why working with an M&E consultancy works

We design for efficiency and by prioritising the design early in the construction process is the best way to optimise a building’s performance for the life of the facility.

  • Balancing the cost of these essential systems along with the buildings needs requires a broad depth of experience.
  • We’re completely flexible and will always tailor our services and processes to suit the exact needs of our clients.
  • A full M&E design service, covering all aspects of a construction, renovation or refurbishment project.
  • Others may choose to work with us on particular aspects of M&E, drawn by our strengths in areas such as renewables or office fitout, BIM/Revit.
  • At a technical level, we make sure that not only do we offer the right skills and qualifications,but that we also have access to the best resources, including the latest software programs to support computer modelling.