Wimslow Leisure Centre, Cheshire

Wimslow Leisure Centre is an existing leisure facility incorporating a beauty salon and coffee shop. The centre required a total refurbishment, to the existing services, so that it could continue to provide a venue for local sports teams and community activities.

SVM BSD were appointed to provide a stage 4 detailed design for the deteriorating MEP services and the plant. This would be to replace the existing ground floor pool boilers, flue, heating pumps, air handling units, BMS, domestic hot water storage; together with the dryside boilers, ventilation and local air handling plant.

The main challenge was delivery of the scheme without causing disruption to staff and customers, as the centre had to remain open until the refurbishment was completed.

Operating times were generally 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week. the works were programmed across several phases to prevent areas being inaccessible to the public.

SVM BSD provided a temporary boiler solution to enable the centre to continue to operate during the refurbishment. This allowed a phased installation to take place, allowing a long term solution, to ensure the facility was still generating revenue and serving the needs of the local community.

The centre is now operating efficiently throughout the year, comfortably for users, whilst minimising energy consumption and in turn reducing running costs.