Thomas Payne Study Centre, Norwich Business School

The Norwich Business School has been located in the award-winning Thomas Payne Study Centre, at the UEA , since the building completion in 2010. The business school had grown significantly so, plans were made to re-order Level 1 of the TPSC to allow the school more departmental space. The re-configuration would mean removing existing seminar rooms, creating an open plan work area, individual offices and adding tea points and services for vending machines.

One of the most significant challenges was adapting the existing Thermodeck ventilation system. This system is integral to the structure of the building as it is incorporated in ribs in the concrete slabs, which make up the floors and ceilings, therefore making considerable changes very difficult.

When it came to adapting the original lighting system for the remodelled layout, we made a point of re-using as many of the existing fittings, control modules and cables as possible. We employed the original lighting specialist to advise on this and to match or source alternatives where necessary.

BSD’s design for the ventilation system included re-configuring the zoning to accommodate the remodelled areas and finding alternative locations for the extract and ingress grills which, again, were re-used in the installation process.

By adapting the sustainable values of the Thomas Payne Study Centre and BSD’s own philosophy, we were able to incorporate the re-use of most of the lighting and ventilation components in the re-configured space.

The Norwich Business School now has more space to match its growth and popularity with administrative offices, hot desk spaces and breakout areas all within the same location.