Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace, University of East Anglia

To improve the University’s growing reputation, UEA wanted to upgrade the existing services within their Ziggurats student accommodation building’s. This would involve improving the heating and electrical infrastructure for the Grade II listed student residences at Norfolk and Suffolk Terraces.

The main challenge was to have the heating design strategy completed within a short time frame. This would allow sufficient time for the upgraded heating system to be installed and ready for the new intake of students.

400 radiators were replaced at Suffolk Terrace and 600 radiators at Norfolk Terrace, complete with refurbishment of the plantroom, internal and external pipework.

To progress the installation pre-insulated pipework was fitted externally for distribution heating around the buildings.

Stainless steel heating pipework was used within the building to give the installation longevity.

The heating pipework and emitters were replaced and a separation made between the site mains and building mains. The final lighting and circuits were replaced, bringing both buildings up to current safety standards.

A plate heat exchanger was installed in the plantroom to give separation from the district mains.

The Ziggurats at Norfolk and Suffolk Terraces now benefit from efficient, up-to-date heating which provides a more comfortable accommodation for the students.