FANUC HQ, Ansty Park, Coventry

FANUC, one of the world’s leading global manufacturer of automation and industrial robotic solutions, required a new UK headquarters.

The proposed scheme was a new advanced building located at Ansty Park, Coventry. The brand new 107,000 sq ft facility, comprises of 56,00 sq ft. of design, manufacturing and training facilities, 43,000 sq ft. of offices and an 8,000 sq ft. showroom area.

With a predetermined structure already in place BSD had to produce a design strategy that would align with the finalised steel model.

A high proportion of the services were positioned at high level which meant the location of ductwork, air conditioning units and electrical services were subject to spatial issues due to limited ceiling void space. It was also essential that we provided a design solution that would allow easy maintenance access to services for the 60,000sq ft workshop. Revit MEP was applied for co-ordination purposes, to reduce any potential clashes with the high-level services.

In addition to standard UK power levels, two transformers were installed to cater for two different voltages; this would accommodate the 3 phase voltage levels, used in Japan, for commercial/industrial facilities.

We developed our electrical design strategy to serve the 200v levels in order for FANUC to use their existing machinery.