Brooklands farm primary School and Community Centre, Milton Keynes

A new 630 place school, for the new Brooklands Community development, along with a 39-place nursery and brand-new community centre. The project formed part of the Council’s commitment to provide suitable and sufficient education provision within the local area.

BSD were asked to provide an M&E scheme that would be functional and allow cost effective solutions appropriate for the operation of the school but also meet the Education Funding Authority EFA and Facilities Output Specification F.O.S.

With an already pre-determined design of the scheme, BSD were faced with a lack of distribution space for the building services and restrictions in building heights.

It was also essential that we met with the planning conditions for 10% renewables and therefore decided to implement air source heat pumps to satisfy this requirement.

One of the many advantages of specifying air source pumps is that underfloor heating can be used in conjunction with air source heat pumps, ASHP, to maximise the low temperature grade medium.

Solar panel electricity systems, (PV), were installed onto the community centre to offset energy consumption.

We also specified a “Breathing Buildings” mixed mode ventilation scheme, in both buildings, to ensure we continued to comply with the EFA Facilities Output Specification.

To overcome the spatial issues, eliminate the possibility of clash detection and construction co-ordination problems, we used a fully co-ordinated BIM model to act as a design/cost tool prior to going on site.

BSD were able to provide a long-term energy efficient design that met all the criteria of the EFA F.O.S.