Opportunities at SVM BSD

SVM BSD is the sum total of our people, no more and no less. It’s the people behind the proposals, the people who design the services, the people who interact with clients and the people who keep us ticking over day-to-day that make the difference. We pride ourselves on attracting, retaining and rewarding the best in the business, we have a strong emphasis on our culture and actively wizard of oz – road to emerald city casino ruby online casino encourage training and development at all levels to allow our employees to be the best possible version of themselves.

Across SVM BSD, all our teams work hard to make sure that their M&E skills translate directly into benefits for our clients. In return we do our best to create a working environment that is efficient, rewarding and fun! We want our employees to go home energised by a great day’s work and to return in the morning to repeat the experience.

We have been able to foster relaxed working offices where talented people can do their best work and offer a rare balance of competitive remuneration, career progression and training. We offer a wide variety of projects which allows exposure to all industries for our employees, so you won’t be stuck on the same sector! As an employer, we have a major opportunity to help people fulfil their potential from both a career and a personal perspective and it is how we seize that opportunity that makes SVM BSD a difference, and we believe, a better place to work!

SVM BSD has a very strong focus on succession, we abide by our values and ‘grow our own’ by recruiting and training young people and helping them develop into sound engineers. Not only does this ensure that they have the right skills to contribute wizard of oz – road to emerald city casino ruby online casino to our client’s projects but in our experience, it also breeds greater commitment and loyalty – important qualities for both SVM BSD and our clients. Our staff retention rates are
excellent, supporting our belief that while people may initially join us for a job, they stay for a career.

Our ambitions strategy creates opportunities for people to advance their careers at SVM BSD which is indicative of our Kettering Director who joined the business as a young CAD technician who then trained to become a Mechanical Engineer and working his way up to his current position.

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