• Consulting Engineers

    We are M&E engineers who work across a range of sectors to support architects, specifiers, designers and construction teams in bringing great projects to life - making sure that the ideas and plans created by our clients come to fruition for their clients.




Leisure & Retail




Arts & Heritage



To support clients in every way we can, bringing together best-in class M&E capabilities and old fashioned hard work to every project, no matter its size.

Our History

We’ve come a long way with focus still on results and putting the client first.

Meet the Team

Team of M&E engineers working hard across range of sectors

Opportunities at SVM BSD

We create meaningful, sustainable and high-quality schemes.

Our Values


Every project is an opportunity to work a bit smarter for our clients.


We create meaningful, sustainable and high-quality schemes.


We are a team of mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineers


Over the years, we’ve proved our value to a wide spectrum of clients.

Our Accreditations

We’re accredited by all the major UK authorities, including:

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